1 Website information safety control measures

DRIGLO Domestic Group manages and stores personal information under a strictly structured control system, making every possible effort to strengthen the level of its security to ensure that personal information is not lost, destroyed, falsified or leaked to third party.

2 Utilization purposes of personal information

Joint utilization DRIGLO Domestic Group may use names, sexes, contact details (addresses, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, etc.), places of employment, departmental affiliation, official positions, information concerning purchased products or services, inquiry histories and other required personal information, jointly with our affiliates in Japan or overseas to the extent necessary to achieve the purposes stipulated in the aforementioned “2. Utilization purposes of personal information”. [Party who is responsible for management of personal information]

3 Prohibited disclosure of personal information

Basic policy relating to handling of personal information DRIGLO Domestic Group hereby sets forth the following basic policy relating to handling of personal information.

DRIGLO Domestic Group will acquire, use and provide personal information in accordance with applicable laws and regulations and this Notice.  DRIGLO Domestic Group takes necessary and appropriate action for the security control of personal information, including preventing the leakage, loss or damage of its handled personal information. 

in case of entrusting the handling of personal information, DRIGLO Domestic Group exercises necessary and appropriate supervision for the purpose of ensuring proper security control. 

In case of reception of inquiries relating to handling personal information in the possession of DRIGLO Domestic Group, DRIGLO Domestic Group responds to the inquiries promptly in accordance with applicable laws and regulations after confirmation will be made that requesting person is a principal of such personal information in question.

4 Changes in this Notice

DRIGLO Domestic Group may make changes or other revisions in this Notice at any time in order to comply with changes in applicable laws or regulations or legitimate business purposes. Such changes will be posted on this website.